: AGL is an innovative Research and Technology Development (RTD) firm, largely operating within the sustainability realm. We conduct targeted research, develop technologies and provide an array of commensurate services. Engineering research output is translated into applicable technologies, which are developed as credible products or implemented solutions for industrial exploitation. Potentially, a new SME is spun out with accrued IPR, which is likely to be incubated at .

Globally, our HR assets are exceptional individuals with extensive expertise, and our patrons are authoritative figures with vast networks, particularly in the MENA and Mediterranean regions. UK staff are highly technical individuals from an array of Engineering and Science Technology (EST) disciplines.  Innovation, Excellence and Integrity are fundamentals.

Whilst enriching IP assets en route to developed technologies, accumulated residual knowledge enhances our

services offered:

1.      Contract R&D: primarily innovative product development. AGL collaborates with global centres of excellence at universities and research institutes over core and targeted research.

2.      Consulting & Advisory*:

3.1.   Advanced EST projects

3.2.   New-Technology-Based Ventures: Evaluation of technologies and intellectual properties. Recommended product R&D, applications extensions and market placement strategies. Firm/Project valuation, Finance package and Equity exchange structure

3.      International Project Management

2.1.   Research programmes: Initiation and securing Academic & Industrial consortia.

2.2.   Higher Education setups: Research centres, Universities and Continued education.

* Large scale consulting projects are provided through .

Current R&D projects:

Blast Modelling and Fire Engineering for Oil&Gas offshore structures

CFD: Nonlinear Aero/Hydro-Elasticity

Civil Structural vulnerability and Seismic loss modelling

Hybrid Energy Systems: Design, Optimisation & Control of Turbo-based small/portable Systems

Isolated Desalination MVC-AHP-MEE 100kW-3.5MW systems: mobile ICE or Gas Turbine TriGen

Renewable Desalination: Wind turbine with stacked compressors & vertical falling film evaporator

Cascade Heat Pumps water-cooled HVAC (GT/SOFC-driven ~8:1PER) for poorly aerated locations

IGCC plant optimisation & control for variable SynGas compositions and feed stocks

WaterJet Propulsor Systems: GT-driven variable pitch multistage axial & centrifugal impellers

Non-Destructive Evaluation: Oil&Gas industries and Rail applications

Smart Machines: Rotating Machinery Analysis & Stabilising Techniques: RoMAST

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