is the Design house in partnership with . We are involved in a wide array of buildings' design, from listed residential and public buildings to major residential, commercial and resort developments.

Our team of qualified Architects and Interior Designers, and Chartered Engineers (Structural and Mechanical) has extensive expertise in:

  • Listed residential buildings: Chester Terrace, Regents park

  • Residential developments: Little Florence, Hounslow

  • International Museums: Turin museum of Contemporary Art

  • Gallery installations: Hayward Gallery; Donnelly Gallery, Dublin

  • Retail design: Giorgio Armani, Global; Calvin Klein, Paris; Samsonite, London

  • Offices: Calvin Klein, Milan; AdvEnTech Group, London

  • Resorts and Chalets: Villas of Marina Development, Alexandria

Our design philosophy is to create an elegant yet efficient image that is tailored aesthetically to suit our client's specific requirements. We aim to achieve finely balanced environments that are artistically crafted as well as optimally functional whilst offering an air of luxury and comfort.

We work in partnership with our clients, ensuring their requirements are achieved within the framework of best-practice design. Our thorough knowledge of the latest furniture, lighting and materials is vast and detailed. Accordingly, we offer our vision on all aspects of Interior Design from colour theory, through choice of materials and products with resolve.

Bespoke piece design is a significant forte of ours. We are best equipped to design and produce individual pieces (Sanitary ware, Furniture, Art reproductions and  Small objects) to suite any space concept thus delivering the planned scheme. Complex yet exquisite designs are produced overseas by top craftsmen using the finest materials and delivered at rather reasonable costs.

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