is the vehicle between academia and sophisticated industries, delivering state-of- the-art research as applicable industrial tools. We are strongly tied to numerous  top tier global Research Institutes and renowned Universities, from which we collaborate with an extensive array of  academics and spun-out companies.

Core Engineering Expertise

Mechanical, Structural and Geophysical engineering departments provide Design, Testing, Analysis and Project Management services. Our exceptional expertise are in:

  • Rotating/Turbo-Machinery
  • Aero/Hydro-elasticity
  • Integrated Energy Plants
  • Dynamic Systems
  • Mechanical Systems and Structures, especially High Speed Trains
  • Offshore installations, structures and vehicles
  • Pipelines

with particular emphasis on Nonlinear Vibration and Control, CFD, Noise, NDT, and Fire Engineering.

Multi-disciplinary Consultancy

Provides innovative technology-related services for various industries through a network of:

  • Highly-specialised academics with extensive first-hand relevant industry experience and direct access to some of the best research facilities in Europe.
  • Broadly-exposed authority-figures in Engineering, Energy and Finance industries

We assign hand-picked teams of scientists, engineers and financiers, to provide a vast range of services from practical advice to complex multi-disciplinary projects' management.

Private Equity and Ventures Advisory

Our advisory services on Ventures proposals include:

  • Evaluation of technologies, intellectual properties and current products
  • Suggestion on product R&D, applications extensions and market placement strategies
  • Firm/Project valuation, Finance package and Equity exchange structure

Further client representation/directorships on successful ventures' boards are provided on demand.

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