is a Technologically-Leveraged Venture Capital (TLVC) fund manager for New-Technology- Based Firms (NTBF). Being part of a forward-thinking and enterprising technology group, both the entrepreneur and the financier are intellectually sophisticated and well acquainted with the technology at hand.

As an incubator, Cubes provides:
The usual financing and management advisory, as well as an extensive range of technical (In-house or outsourced Engineering and IT services and facilities) and centralised managerial (Legal, specialised HR, Marketing, Networking/PR, premises, etc) business necessities whilst adopting a think tank approach for all incubators, thus maintaining a highly cost effective structure.
Decision-makers at Cubes are well established and broadly exposed industrial researchers and academics who have proven their worthiness in the entrepreneurial coliseum, supported by
vast connections, and backed by solid finances.

Cubes caters for two types of highly-technical entrepreneurs:
1) Un-institutionalised academics: PhD and MSc holders (possibly with one/two years work experience) with well-identified and researched ideas of promising growth potentials. To these young entrepreneurs— who are rather motivated, still very energetic and passionate about their ideas—our model offers an attractive employment package as well as equity partnership, which is the rightful claim to the entrepreneur’s baby. Being an employee in a technology group, the entrepreneur is afforded the all-important training and social working environment alongside immediate access to technical, managerial, and financial expertise, as well as encouraged to collaborate with other technical entrepreneurs and business gurus.
2) Seasoned academics: Professors and/or Research associates with a commercially viable proposal, and requiring further intra-/inter-disciplinary technical support as well as most of our extended services.

Both incubation scenarios alleviate cultural barriers between the entrepreneur and the financier, as both parties have common backgrounds, mutual respect and speak the same techno-language. Thus, despite the may-be inherent cognitive diversity that evidently provides a larger matrix of problems and potential solutions during the decision making process, weighing the alternatives leads to effective brain storming and the construction of more refined scenarios.

There are obvious and numerous benefits for entrepreneurs who would like to feel part of a supportive and well established group, not least of which are:

  • Focus: The technical entrepreneur focuses totally on R&D and plays a major role in formulating strategy on account of mental freedom from day-to-day burdens. Cubes provides all necessities at incomparable value.
  • Security: Cubes will establish vital strategic partnerships as well as secure long-term clients, both drawn from strong relations with major organisations.
  • Longevity: Contrary to most VCs, exit strategies are not our concern from the outset. We are in partnership for the long run, nurturing growth from incubator concepts to IPO and beyond.
  • Light structure without compromise: NTBFs run on skeleton structures whilst drawing on facilities and people at in-house engineering and academic research rates, without the usual high initial expense nor need for further equity release to individuals.
  • Specialised HR sourcing: Cubes provides the suitable highly-technical sales and other personnel, which are at best difficult to source and rather costly for NTBFs.

We are interested in NTBF within our fields of expertise and influence, where we can deliver exceptional support and drives for growth, be they technical, managerial, PR or financial catalysts.

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