provides innovative systems that are engineered to tackle intricate power and heat problems, utilising combinations of fossil and renewable energies. In so doing, we collaborate with major companies in: Power generation, Power- and Heat-dependent industries, Equipment manufacturers and state-of-the-art technology firms. We work in partnership with a variety of clients –tourism, industrial, utility, government – to develop, finance, build and manage the best solutions for a wide range of power needs. As part of an enterprising technology group, we deliver financial strength as well as technical expertise, combined with the innovation and flexibility of an entrepreneurial business.

A Power solution may be as simple as a 2-year contract leasing and operating a truck-mounted micro-turbine powering a drying oil well, or as complex as a large-scale multi-phase 20-year BOOT project to provide power, heat and water to a Mediterranean island or a desert village. We individually tailor each of our integrated systems to suite the problem at hand, after which we commission and can operate or supervise these bespoke systems.

Main solutions range

In the complex power generation and supply markets, we focus our expertise on the growing sector of small and medium-sized Aero-derivative power facilities between 1MW (megawatts) and 150MW. As full scope developers, we can organise, finance and bring to market such projects expeditiously.

1-5 MW range: Simple-cycle Distributed Co-Generation Duel-fuel systems.
Other than main or standby power, these units are ideally suited for air-conditioning purposes as well as water desalination and sterilisation. These solutions are typically implemented in situations where public/state power utilities are scarce or insufficient, e.g.:

a) Semi-Desolate locations:
Holiday resorts for producing self-sustained or backup electricity, water desalination and air-conditioning. Similarly, remote work compounds e.g. Oil production desert sites

b) Offshore installations and vehicles where space is at a high premium, while fuel is abundantly available, unlike fresh water, power and air-conditioning:
Oil and Gas rigs, where gas flairs may be used efficiently. Also, luxury cruisers where quite and clean multi-purpose power is essential.

c) Temporary or make-shift  work locations with relatively short duration power requirements:
Construction sites with 1-3 years projects requiring power and air-conditioning.

Clients may cut expenses, by requesting our manufacturer-certified refurbished aero-derivative turbines within the power system.

10-150 MW range: Combined-cycle Co-Generation systems.
With many countries adopting utilities deregulation and privatisation actively, their power markets  are moving towards open competition, resulting in efficient pricing in every aspect from power plant construction to generation and supply. In addition to a broadened market, fuel suppliers and equipment suppliers, have diversified into power  supply in competition with the established utilities.

Each project is a long-term commitment and partnership with our clients. A project may span a number of years from identification to commissioning, with project operations ongoing for a further 15 to 20 years. We can supply and sustain the best resources and expertise at the right time and in the right places in order to offer complete energy solutions that satisfy the commercial requirements for the future.

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